Pay By The Job Not By The Hour
If it only took us 10 minutes to fix the problem, why should you pay for a full hour of labor? Pleasure Point Computers doesn't charge per hour; we charge per task.
No Need To Keep Checking Your Watch
When you're paying by the hour, time suddenly becomes an important factor. If the tech runs into difficulties with the task, he'll feel stressed to get the project completed quickly so you won't have to pay for any additional time, and he may make mistakes. Also, you don't want to spend your time looking over the tech's shoulder and glancing at your watch the entire time, do you?
No Surprises

     Pay For Services Rendered Not Services Attempted
If we start a task and after a couple of hours realize we can't fix it - we don't charge you. We figure you're paying us to get the job done. The pay-by-hour plan would mean you'd have to pay the tech for the two fruitless hours he attempted to fix the problem. But with Pleasure Point Computers, it's simple: no fix = no pay

We'll tell you exactly how much the task will cost before we perform it - regardless how long it takes for us to complete it. So, if we get the task done in 5 minutes or 5 hours, it still costs the same. In the traditional pay-per-hour plan, you get stuck with a bill for all the hours the tech spends working for you. Under that payment plan, if the tech estimates an hour and it turns out it took him 3 hours, he'll bill you for all 3. That seems a little unfair, don't you think?
We're Motivated To Get Done Quickly - Not Slowly
Since we're not being paid by the hour, it's in our best interest to get done quickly so we can get to our next appointment. How motivated do you think someone is who's paid by the hour?


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