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Welcome to the Gaming Center
Pleasure Point Computers has teamed up with Westside Games to bring you the ultimate 1 stop gaming shop. With a wide selection of games covering great vintage consoles of yester year like the atari 2600 and NES Nintendo Entertainment System, to the latest and greatest PS3 WII-U and Xbox 360. We carry all the essential accessories, controllers, cables, and batteries. 

Has your system died? Gotten bad blinking lights? Is your game scratched and not playing? Well fear not Westside Games has a full array of repair options at your disposal. With free estimates and 60 day warranties on work you are sure to be back playing the games you love in a flash.  In the unlikely event that we can not fix your item you pay nothing!!!

We buy games, consoles and accessories. Sometimes we buy other stuff what do you got?  Come and trade for store credit or cash!!! Bring in your items we will give you a no obligation quote.