Virus Removal – Virus’ are removed using a special program designed in-house that allows the computer to be asleep while being scanned, allowing both dormant and active virus’ to be erraticated.

Data Recovery – Delete your wedding photos? Move a file to the recycle bin and didn’t mean to?  Have a dead computer you need files off? Deleted files CAN be recovered!  Using DOD level forensic programs, data can be usually be recovered with a 90% success rate.

Video Game Repair – PS2, PS3, XBOX, XBOX 360, Wii, NES, SNES.  If it has an on switch, We’ll service it.

X Box PS3 Wii - Have a Yellow Light of Death (YLOD)? Red Ring of Death (RROD)?  Using a professional reballing station, these errors can be PERMINENTLY fixed.  No heat-guns in this shop, only the same equipment used by Sony and Microsoft  to fix the unit right the first time.

Computer Optimization – From removing simple startup programs to removing malicious programs from your internet browsers boot cycle, our computer optimization service promises you a speedy computer, and in most circumstances, bench tests prove the computer faster then it was out of the box. 

Upgrades – Need a bigger hard drive? More memory? Broken screen? Missing keyboard letters? All of which can be upgraded to bring your pc back to usable form or better then it ever was.  Most upgrades require little parts, and with our free diagnosis service, you can’t go wrong!

Parts Sales – Specializing in all computer makes and models, Pleasure Point Computers has the skills to find you the best part at the most reasonable rate.  We proudly sell you the part for what we would pay for it, and by keeping minimal inventory, we can assure you the correct part in a timely fashon

Recycling – Have old electronics taking up space in the garage?  Closet?  On your desk?  If it has an ‘on’ switch we’ll take it!  The electronics will be stripped down, and if usable parts are found, they are combined, sometimes to create whole working machines again, which are donated to relief efforts and other charities.  We make sure these machines wind up anywhere but the landfill.

Computer Refurbishing – Get that old machine out of the closet!  Dig it out of the garage!! Chances are we can get it running for a lot less then you would think!  Give someone a computer for school, or a friend for email.  We can take that old clunker and get it internet ready.

General Repair – Our free diagnosis service and policy of “No Fix No Pay” allows you, the customer, to bring in any piece of electronics and see if it would be personally worth fixing, or if its time for recycling.  If it has an on switch, chances are we can service it.

About Luigi - Luigi Oppido is the Owner and Operator of Pleasure Point Computers and has been in the industry for over 16 years, making computers friendly, fast and fun!  Priding himself on having every customer understand what’s being done, and how to avoid problems in the future, his personal touch is what allows his computer service to shine above the rest.  His business philosophies of “Pay by the Job, Not the Hour” and "No Fix No Pay" allow each person the freedom to bring in a machine and get a proper diagnosis without opening a checkbook.  Expanding soon into PC monitoring and off-site data storage, Pleasure Point Computers is your one-stop computer shop!  Come by and say hi!

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